Trip To Collieston Beach

Aberdeenshire beaches

It’s rare that we get a beautiful day in Scotland so when we do I like to take full advantage of them! I’ve been stuck in all day trying to get our home a bit neater because I am sick and tired of all the clutter aka Sophia’s toy stash taking over every single room because I’m needing to get some storage for her room. Once I picked Sophia up from nursery I decided we would grab her bucket and spade and head to Collieston Beach. It’s a lovely little formed fishing village in Aberdeenshire that even Lawrence Of Arabia visited so if it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me! One day I may just have to buy one of the cottages one day because the first ever time B took me to Collieston I fell in love instantly. That’s the dream anyway!


I honestly think I couldn’t stay anywhere too far from a beach. I find them so relaxing, even a quick stroll can help clear my head. Some of my fondest memories from childhood include days on the beach with an ice cream cone and playing in the water. Usually smothered in sun cream, even the smell of certain sun creams fill me with memories. Sophia had great fun watching some children swimming out and climbing back up the ladders onto the pier, they are braver than me… the water is freezing!

Anyway I just wanted to share one of my favourite spots in Aberdeenshire with my readers! Hope you like the photographs!

Sharon x




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