Toddler Obsessions

Toddler obsessions, They are a funny thing. One thing I learnt quite quickly when I became a mum was how quickly a child can become obsessed with something and how quickly toddler obsessions can drive a parent up the wall!  These little people can become die hard fans of cartoons in a split second, walk past the most pointless item in a shop but scream bloody murder like their life depends on this thing they have never seen before!

This morning Sophia had the biggest toddler tantrum over her current obsession and my head hadn’t even lifted from my pillow, my eyes hadn’t been open for longer than ten seconds but here we were, Sophia screaming and myself wanting the bed to swallow me up into a soft safe toddler free sanctuary. So what got Sophia started?

Toddler obsession #1

Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for. This little pink cartoon quickly became one of Sophia’s favourites and quickly became my fecking nemesis! I am positive the snorting and the attitude has forced parents into having a drink just to remain sane. Sophia will snort at me day and night, from the other side of the room or millimetres from my face, when she is awake and when she is sleep. Can someone please explain why children love Peppa so much!?

Toddler obsession #2

This is a relatively new  obsession for Sophia. I had mentioned in the presence of my mini boss that I would take her swimming and that I needed to get Sophia a new swimsuit. This somehow became an obsession over a certain pair of swimming goggles that appeared on YouTube… Peppa goggles. I wished that Sophia would forget about them but nope she kept snorting and making little goggles with her hands and even started saying “Peppa goggles please Mama!”. That is a huge thing for a child who currently visits a speech therapist so I caved in, hunted high and low, finally we got the goggles and now she wants to eat, sleep and play wearing them. This swimming obsession has snowballed to where Sophia thinks she can wear her new swimsuit, goggles and her Peppa Pig towelling  poncho thing that keeps her cosy when we get out of the pool.

Toddler obsession #3

I am clenching my jaw whilst I share this one with you! Sophia is obsessed with things being cold. Now this can include but does not stop at needing all doors and windows closed no matter what the weather because “it’s coooooold!” Add in a fake shiver for full effect because it could be 100 degrees outside and it would still be cold. Another one is Sophia seems to think all food should be cold, recently if I serve her anything remotely luke warm she acts as if it’s boiling and wants nothing to do with it.

Toddler obsession #4

This one is being clean. I always thought a child who wants to be clean and doesn’t want to make a mess would be amazing. Nine times out of ten this is great apart from when Sophia is two bites into her food and gets a tiny bit of sauce on her hand and demands we wash them every five seconds. She also had a meltdown in nursery because when discovered some of the morning children had crushed Play Doh into the carpet but to be fair even I wanted to scrub the floor when Sophia took me to witness the carnage. Sophia will also lovingly point out when I haven’t done as much cleaning as I maybe should have or when I’ve missed something out by accident.’

Toddler obsession #5

Meow the toy cat. This is a soft toy that was once her cousins, Sophia quickly took a shine to this pink patchwork cat and now it comes everywhere. Sophia must announce “I take meow!” She also likes to force it in my face whilst making high pitched meow sounds and tries to force me to kiss her toy atleast one hundered times an hour. I never knew that a cuddly toy could drive me as crazy as this precious pink cat. I am also convinced this toy is here for the long term and by long term I mean well into adulthood!

Toddler obsession #6

Torches or flashlights depening where in the world you are from. Sophia once had a collection but thankfully we are down to just one. This didn’t start driving me insane until she started to demand I sit in the downstairs toilet with no lights on just to play with a torch. We are slowly getting over this obsession but I am pretty sure something else will swiftly take it’s place.

I would love to hear if your children have any obsessions and please tell me I’m not alone in being driven crazy by these obsessions! Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Toddler Obsessions

  1. OMG I had that cat when I was kid! Well actually back then it was a bear. And it came with a market you could doodle on it with that came off in the wash. But it didn’t really come off in the wash..

    1. That’s the one Bianca! Thankfully her cousin lost all of the markers haha! I eventually got all the faded drawing out of it but it did take a lot of elbow grease and around 100 “baths” in the washing machine. Thankfully I was able to convince Sophia that Meow was having fun spinning round and round!

  2. Toddlers are funny little creatures!! Peppa Pig is big in my house too and so is the cleaning, almost to the point of over obsession cleaning herself and re-arranging clothes drawers and such. drives me nuts

    1. You think the cleaning think would be so helpful don’t you Jenn!? Sometimes I’m like yep this is great I have a helper and other days I’m trying to get out the door but Sophia is in full blown melt down mode over a tiny crumb and I feel doomed haha!

    1. Aww congratulations Paige! They bring lots of joy but also some moments where you question life and you quickly return back to the joy!

  3. I Know how crazy it must be but your post made me smile! Actually, I don’t have kids so maybe all this seems cuteness to me😂 Though I remember when my brother was around 5, he was so obsessed with Shin Chan, the Japenese cartoon. That was beyond annoying!

    1. It’s amazing how quickly I can go between aww she is being sweet today to wondering what I done to done to deserve this and then back to thinking how cute Sophia is. Some nights as soon as she had one foot on the stairs on the way to bed the cartoons are turned off and other nights I find myself still watching them!

  4. Toddlers are at such a fun age. Your post reminded me of my little brother at that age and it’s amazing to see their psyche and personality unfold before you.
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

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