The beginning

I did it, I did the thing that most larger people hate to do. I decided to weigh myself. This was no straight forward task. After I had Sophia in 2013 I was super motivated to loose the baby weight and the rest, I did extremely well and lost around 60lbs, I was working out and feeling amazing. I still had a long way to go but I gave up! A cheat night turned into a cheat weekend and that turned into a week and soon all my bad habits crept back into my life and here I am in 2017 the heaviest I have EVER been. On Saturday I decided I wanted to weigh myself and come up with a plan of action, I know that I personally do well when I have a firm plan and I know where I want to be and write down what I will do to start working towards that goal. Typically when the bug bites I couldn’t find my scales anywhere, I done a crazy deep clean of the house and they were nowhere to be found, yet when I am pigging out I’m pretty positive those scales magically appear to try and guilt trip me.

Sunday night I decided to get myself some new scales so I had absolutely no excuses. I like to weigh myself in the morning so Monday morning came round, I set up my new scales and it confirmed what I already knew. It was bad, I’ve never been this heavy and the only person that can do something about this is me. I can’t blame anyone but myself, I can get through a 2 litre bottle of fizzy drink in a day, share bags… Sharon doesn’t share and my portion sizes and food choices are ridiculous. It is time to make a change, I want to feel good, be healthy and be a good role model for Sophia. So what is the plan of action?

My official start date will be Monday 22nd May, now I know you are thinking well why wouldn’t she just start right away. Well this week I had arranged to meet family for meals out and friends for drinks. Yep I could still eat out and choose the healthier option but I just know I won’t. Personally during my first weeks I like to eat at home, have no temptations hiding in the fridge or cupboards. I didn’t want to start only just to fail so quickly. I also remember previously wishing I had documented my journey, So this time I will! I can’t promise it will be pretty, it certainly wont be easy and I will crack at times. This is going to be a long ass journey but I am so over having a huge belly, rolls, wibbles and wobbles. I want to be one of these people you see photos of stood in their old clothes and being able to fit their entire family in them!!!

So Monday be prepared for an update after my first day, I may try to crack doing my updates via video. I would also love to hear from you if you are on your own journey working towards having a healthier lifestyle!


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