Toddler Shopping Haul

Shopping Haul

Shopping… I hate going shopping when it’s for clothes for myself but when it’s clothes shopping for Sophia, I love it! I usually leave wishing I could get some of her outfits in my size and have serious wardrobe envy. I am positive that other parents have experienced what I have nicknamed the “mumdrobe”. The mumdrobe is when your children are dressed so good they could quite easily go and rock a catwalk, star in a photoshoot or attend a formal event and not look out of place. You on the other hand look like you have rolled out of bed, dressed in the dark and pretend that stain wasn’t there when you put those trousers on or my favourite is a creased top. Those creases 100% weren’t there before… It’s that kind of material that just creases with the seat belt. Parents take such pride on how their kids look that it’s easy for us to forget about ourselves. I might actually have to try and scrub up and face the evil shops for myself but that could be a whole other post. For now let me share what cute things I managed to find for Sophia!




Grey Light Weight Jacket – Next

Navy Gingham Frilly Hem Trousers – Next

Denim Pinafore And Broderie Blouse Set – Next

Ecru Minnie Mouse Crew – Next

Pink Patent Shoes – Clarks

Peppa Pig Hooded Towel – Asda

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