November Update

James Owen

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I wanted to do a quick November update so here I am! We seem to have been super busy since August, Life has been so hectic and I am just ready for some chill time. I returned to work after a year off in August which has been fantastic. For those of you who don’t know I work in childcare usually with children aged between 4-12 and I have recently been given not one but two promotions which is amazing but it has been keeping me so busy and I am now looking into starting a qualification which will add more to the work load but I love a challenge so we shall see if that goes ahead.

Sophia has also been super busy, I think I need to get her a diary of her own. We have had speech therapy appointments, meetings with her school, met with a Dr who specialises in child development who didn’t really have any major concerns which is great, appointments for immunisations and health visitor appointments. It’s honestly been none stop but I am glad the ball is finally rolling to see how we can bring Sophia forward although it had been a long journey to even get anyone to listen to our concerns that involved wanting to bang my head against a wall repeatedly and plenty of tears out of pure frustration.

Cat Costume 2017

We have also had Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and Bruce’s birthday. Then everyone seemed to go into Christmas panic mode. My Facebook has been full of people who are already wrapping presents where as I on the other hand haven’t purchased a single present yet. Every year I say I will start earlier, grab bargains when I can and every year that doesn’t happen. Then I envy all the people I know who are super prepared and run around like a headless chicken but hey! It’s all part of the Christmas fun… isn’t it!?

So what can you expect to see on our blog in the upcoming weeks? My plan is to hopefully share some gift guides with you, some child friendly winter/Christmas crafts and just go with the flow! So keep your eyes peeled!

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