New Years Resolutions

So I’m a few days late but Happy New Year! I have been in bed since Christmas super ill, Thankfully I’m slowly getting better. I completely missed Christmas day which I felt terrible about but at the same time I’m so grateful that Sophia & Bruce could go to his parents and still enjoy the festivities. I’m quite a tough and stubborn cookie when it comes to being ill and don’t let anything stand in my way but whatever bug I picked up it destroyed me and my energy levels still haven’t fully recovered. So there I was sat nursing my medicine box as the clock struck midnight on Hogmanay (New Years Eve for the non Scottish readers) and I decided I wanted to make a few resolutions/goals for 2018. I’m not talking about running a marathon or becoming a picture perfect mother… I mean more realistic goals that will bring me happiness, benefit my life or my families life in someway or help me achieve something I’ve been putting off for years!

Become More Organised 

Now to be honest with you this could cover all aspects of my life. Things have been pretty hectic recently and I’ve gone from being someone who is pretty organised to things becoming slightly messy and I’ve fallen behind in things. My first goal is to organise my bedroom with the main area being my crazy wardrobe. It’s just cluttered and is stressing me out. I also need to organise the dreaded toy collection Sophia has gathered. I really want to become storage savvy so Sophias bedroom will be getting an overhaul with the main aim to be maximising the way we use the space in her bedroom. Basically this covers our entire house… I need to learn how to use what little space we have better. I’m seriously envious of the people you come across on Pinterest who have organisation sussed.

Live Healthier

I know 99% of the population say they want to loose weight, eat better and exercise more. Usually throwing themselves into the latest & greatest diet, joining a gym only to use it a handful of times or ordering some celebrity DVD. I’m not saying I’m 100% giving up chicken nuggets, cocktails and sofa days (I’m a classy gal what can I say!) I just want to start being more wise when it comes to cooking. Food is a major enemy of mines because I’m super fussy and eat like a three year old but I want to attempt trying more foods and cook from scratch more. I want to make sure I’m on my feet more even if it’s just spending more time outdoors or even seeing if my organisation skills kick in and free up sometime for me to go to the gym because believe it or not this chunky mama used to love going to the gym and even worked in one helping other people get active… Oh how the times have changed!

More Family Time

It can be so easy to forget to spend quality time together as a family. Our week days tend to follow this routine:

7:00am – 9:00am – Wake up, Breakfast, Showered, Dressed and off to nursery for 9am start.

9:00am – 12:00pm – Dishes done from breakfast, cleaning, get myself ready for work, get myself lunch, pick Sophia up from nursery.

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Drive from Sophia’s nursery to my mums where she has lunch and I head off to work.

1:30pm – 6:00pm – I’m at work looking after around 20 lovely children and Sophia is picked up by her Dad and taken home.

6:00pm – 8:00pm – I usually leave work and head to the supermarket and tend to get home between 7:30/8:00. See Sophia for a little while before she heads up to bed. Attempt to get some food ideally before 9:oopm.

9:00pm – 12:00am – Chances are I’m eating, trying to unwind and usually relaxing in front of the TV until some stupid hour because it’s the first chance I’ve had to literally be by myself and I can watch my trashy TV without huffs and puffs from the other half!

It can be so easy to sit silently scrolling through my phone on a week night while I try to cure the rumble in my tummy, Bruce can be exhausted after work and is very much in the same mode and sometimes I’m doing planning for my work and can even have to squeeze in meetings once Sophia is in nursery. The fact is life for everyone can be super busy and we all face our own challenges so I’m really hoping to squeeze in more fun family time at weekends. Simple things like trips to soft play, to the park, visiting other family members like my Grandma who I really need to start seeing more. Again I suppose it all comes down to organisation and being really savvy with our time. I think everyone sometimes needs a reminder to just stop, breathe and appreciate what is going on around them .


Money can be the biggest bane of my life. I’m terrible at budgeting, saving money and staying on top of things. I only work term time and I’m already freaking out about all the unpaid holidays and how I’m going to survive. It’s my mission to somehow free up some money that I can start stashing away for emergencies, I want to be able to afford little treats and even potentially a holiday! I can fully relate to anyone out there with money worries and how sometimes you just wonder why you even bother! I don’t know how but I will have a healthier bank balance in 2018, When I figure it out… If I figure it out I will let you gals and guys know.

So there we have it, Just a few small things I hope to achieve in 2018 although after writing them down on my blog it’s starting to look like more of a mammoth task than I first thought. I might have to make a little checklist that I can use throughout the year to make sure I stay on track. I would love to hear what goals & hopes you have for 2018 and if you have any tips on how I could achieve mines!

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