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Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day is almost upon us and although it’s not a huge deal in my family I still like to get a nice gift for both my mum and B’s mum. But in typical Sharon fashion I tend to leave it last minute. I wish I was one of these people that purchases gifts weeks in advance but I’m not. I never will be and I have come to terms with that.

Find the perfect Mothers Day gift.

When it comes to buying gifts I do like to try and shop local. If it’s candles there are loads of independent candle makers with amazing products. Florists again I will try to stay local and more & more gift shops are popping up that support local brands which is fantastic. We don’t even need to necessarily wonder around stores to purchase items that are created closer to home. You can often find them on Facebook, they will often have websites and even asking on some groups on Facebook you will be pointed to someone that makes great quality gifts.

Shopping online doesn’t mean you need to purchase from the retail giants.

I think this is also why I have a love for Etsy and Not On The Highstreet. It gives us the opportunity to see what items other brands are offering and can steer us clear of the typical supermarket and department store gift range that pops up each year. My gift purchasing skills come and go. Sometimes I am full of inspiration and can think of amazing items for everyone and other times I stand scratching my head. I think this can be down to what items are available. I hate buying a gift for the sake of just buying one. How many more mini teddybears and generic boxes of chocolates can I buy & receive!?

So lets see if my Mother Day gift guide can inspire you!

P.S Some of these gifts are fantastic for all year round. Birthdays, special ocassions or even when you simply feel like pampering someone or even yourself. I should have you covered!

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