10 ways to get more me time

I decided that now would be the best time to bring up personal space and me time. I’ve been ill for a few days, had workmen in at my house doing bits and bobs and just as I thought I would get a chance to rest Sophia is ill. Now when I say Sophia is ill, she is actually ill but somewhere along the line somebody forgot to remind her that ill means you rest. Instead she seems to have even more energy and gets up to all sorts of stuff. Toys don’t keep her entertained for the usual amount of time, she becomes demanding like I’m surprised she hasn’t hit me with a green room list yet. When I do eventually get some time to myself I like to make it count and I really think enjoying some pamper time can make such a difference to our moods as parents.

Switch Off

I mean literally switch off. Turn the TV off, turn your phone off, ditch the tablets and the computers. I absolutely love doing this. When Sophia is in nursery for a couple of hours I often find myself sat in my living room, in the dark and in silence. For the odd person that’s strolled in and found me like this they automatically think something is wrong. THERE IS NOT! This is just the only opportunity I can appreciate silence and not have to give a shit about anything. Anyway daytime TV drives me bonkers, 9 times out of 10 it involves listening to other people’s drama. So if you ever happen to stumble across me chilling in the dark, do not disturb! Bloody hell I sound like a right recluse. I promise I occasionally appear out of my dark living room to socialise!


Music can always cheer me up, I personally love Spotify. I can create my own play lists or enjoy the pre made ones. From happy pop hits to songs to sing in the shower or the walk like a bad ass play lists there is something for everyone. Have a dance to your favourite album or listen to songs that remind you of fun times. You could even find similar music to what is played in a spa for the ultimate relaxation experience at home.

Get Glam

I mean go the whole hog, from shaving to a face-mask, if you feel better tanned slap it on, do your hair and your makeup. I used to always have my hair perfect and my makeup on before I was pregnant. Now it’s quite easy to skip the makeup bag and shove on my jeans and a comfy top and off I pop. The days I do get the random urge to go the full hog it can give me the best little pick me up! You could even book in at one of the makeup counters in your local department store & let them work their magic if it seems too much of a chore.

Go Out

Sometimes I just love going for a wonder different places. One day I had managed to get myself so stressed that once Sophia was in nursery I went for a short walk to our local beach. I ended up being sat relaxing and snapping photos of our local seals for over an hour. Find somewhere you like to visit for some peace. I left that beach feeling like a different woman.

Visit a beauty bar

Beauty bars are becoming more & more popular. Offering quick treatments usually between 15-30 minutes in length. Some I’ve came across are a quick manicure, a 30 minute neck, shoulder and back massage, Indian head massage (prepare to have oil in your hair) and treating yourself to some shellac polish on your nails.

Nap time

I have and always will love sleep. Once upon a time I could sleep for nearly half the day, now not so much. Occasionally and it’s not often I just decided bugger it I’m going to have a nap. The dishes can wait, the toys can stay where they are and if the postie dares ring my doorbell to take in any parcels there will be hell to pay. Yes I probably have a million things to do but guess what! If I am exhausted then just let me nap and the remainder of the day will go much smoother than it would if I had just powered through. My favourite time of day to nap? When Sophia is in nursery and B is in work. Why hello empty bed that I can star fish in, it’s been a while!

At home spa

This doesn’t have to be expensive. You can pick up face masks from as little as £1. If I want to be super quick I love sheet masks because there is less mess involved. Another thing I love at these moisturising booties you can get for your feet. I got some from Kiko Cosmetics, you literally pop your feet into these boots and they make your feet so soft. Apply all your lotions & potions, light a candle and just lay back and relax. If I don’t think I’m going to get that much time then a bubble bath whilst I relax with a face-mask and hair mask on is just as relaxing. Clean mama, clear mind, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world is a win for everyone.

Catch up with friends

Now this can be tough, being a mum you have less & less time available for friends. A lot of mums also discover people they were close to for years just vanish off the face of the earth when you start a family. I have the smallest circle of friends ever but when I do get to catch up with them it’s great. I feel more like Sharon and it’s lovely to have some adult only time. If you go to baby groups why not see if the other parents fancy doing something child free? It’s more and more common now for there to be local mum groups on Facebook. Some even organise events both child friendly and parents only, I’ve seen cafe meets, bingo nights and even afternoon teas organised. It’s a great way to get out and meet new people!


This word can fill people with dread, I’m one of them but after I had Sophia I started exercising more. I tried different classes and even done yoga a few times, I’m the least flexible person ever and I managed. You could join a local running group, take up a sport or even just set aside some time where you go for a swim. Exercising can be a really sociable thing to do. You can even take part in buggy exercise so you can bring your mini me along. I bet you leave feeling really good. I’ve not exercised in ages but it is something I am away to take up again!


Yes you can find a hiding spot in your house for 5 minutes peace. The bathroom is my room of choice because I can lock the door and still hear what Sophia is up to. Who would have thought a bathroom would become your sanctuary!? Everybody needs 5 minutes to themselves every now and again. Make sure it’s extra secure… little people will always find a way in. You may even want to kit your little den with a snack box, magazines and quite possibly a wine cooler. Imagine the endless possibilities and enjoy.

So there you have it! These are the ways I keep my sanity in check! What’s your favourite quick me time treat?

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