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Lets Get Physical – Plus Size

Sports wear can be daunting no matter what size of clothes you wear, One thing I have struggled with being a size 20/22 is finding nice clothing for when I fancy working up a sweat. I want items that are practical, I want the benefits that larger sports brands offer in terms of keeping moisture away from my skin, help keep me cooler or even warmer when it turns to winter and I want my clothes to look good! The thing is with sports wear is that you won’t get one piece that every person loves so it can very much be trial and error. I also find in sports stores that they don’t tend to cater to larger ladies and when they do its a very half hearted attempt, perhaps a corner at the back of the store that isn’t very well looked after and is just a jumble. It leaves much to be desired. Hopefully this article can help some of you women out there and I would love to hear about your favourite sports brands & stores! I would also like to add I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on today’s post, they are just my finds and things I have either purchases and loved or would purchase!


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 This brand ticks all the boxes for me. I really do think they have something for everyone. Size wise they start at an XXS (UK 4-6) and they go up to a 3XL (UK 30). They even give you a quick questionnaire to do and on your account they will suggest outfits for you. Some of generated outfits I wouldn’t wear, a crop top may find it’s way into my suggestions and I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it but we do all have different areas we like to show off . One outfit I did love and I would purchase was called the Canary Outfit, for the complete outfit I would only be £23.63 for the intro price which is an amazing price considering you can pay £50+ for leggings alone! They also have a new plus size section on their website and it’s left me just wanting to spend lots of money so be warned you could end up spoiled for choice!

F&F Clothing – Tesco

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I am partial to a wonder around my local Tesco and I have noticed their range of sports wear but I only decided to try some bits on about two weeks ago. I purchased some leggings and a top and they are just so comfortable its unbelievable. One test I always do especially trying leggings on is checking that they aren’t see through. I do weird poses, jump around to make sure they don’t fall down and also a sit test just to make sure items are still comfortable. These items passed all of my weird changing room rituals. Now the leggings are sizes XS-XL, I usually steer clear of these sizes because normally an XL just isn’t really that large. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a perfect fitting pair of leggings! Tesco also had 25% off all clothing at the time I purchased them but the price on the tag of the leggings was £14.00 and the top was meant to be £12.00. These items really are great value.

Simply Be

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This is the website I initially first found sports wear that I liked, you can find a range of brands, different sizes and styles.I would really recommend looking at Pineapple Dance Studios range I believe they start at a size 12 and go up to a size 30 on Simply Be. Make sure you check the reviews before purchasing they can really be useful when it comes to ordering online. I’m actually going to order two items that I came across. The black Pineapple Dance Studio leggings are right up my alley, can’t go wrong with black and they look soooo high waisted and apparently they are good for sucking in that tummy which is my biggest area of concern. The second item I fell in love with was a padded jacket, living in Scotland you can encounter four seasons in one day so when I am out and about I like to have something I can throw on in case of a sudden weather change and I also like a jacket with a hood. I would probably wear this for coming & going to the gym !


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I have not been in a Matalan store for possibly 2+ years, I just always forget about it but I did recently find myself on their website and was blown away by the amount of affordable gym wear they had. They also had a few choices of jackets & hoodies for adding a layer when you need it, again it looks like some of the leggings are pretty high waisted which I love and they have some lovely colourful pieces!  Although I have noticed a trend as I’ve been writing this article and apparently I love black & grey gym gear! I will 100% be visiting my local store and trying some of the items on!

Remember more & more stores are taking out sportier ranges of clothing. Try on differently styles & brands and see what works for you. I honestly find that my clothing makes a huge difference to my exercise and helps create such a buzz to get me moving. They can also be super comfortable for lounging around in!


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  1. I want to check into Fabletics. These clothes look sporty and comfortable, which are my must haves for fashion forward workout gear. I really like the shirt by Tesco, too.

    1. They honestly have so many different styles and they ask what activities you like to do to match you up to some items. The top from Tesco is super comfortable I may go back and buy loads to lounge around in haha!

    1. Even if I help just one person that would make my day, I know I can find it difficult to find the perfect pieces and it can leave you feeling so defeated.

    1. I love yoga, I’m the least flexible person but after my first lesson I managed to touch my toes and was so impressed. It’s so relaxing!

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