8 things I took for granted before I became a mum

Becoming a mum is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would not change being a mother for anything in the world! I remember when I was pregnant laying in bed and something clicked, Yes becoming a mum would bring a wide range of challenges and changes and turn my world upside down. It wasn’t the big things like being responsible for another person 24/7 it was simple things that got me feeling slightly panicked. Really small things that I took for granted that to someone without children wouldn’t even give a second thought. For the first time in a year Sophia went for a sleepover on Thursday with her grandma, my mum. It’s the first time in a year that I have had child free time for 24+ hours and I was free to do what I wanted at my own pace and it reminded me all over again of things I took for granted before I became a mum!


Yes I go shopping with Sophia! I don’t mean food shopping I mean clothes shopping. I will say that usually Sophia is really good when I do decide to hit the shops. It isn’t my favourite activity to do if I’m honest, I usually leave red faced and sweaty from fighting with an outfit in the changing room and trying to restrain Sophia whilst I am half dressed from ripping open the changing room curtain or door. Well on Thursday after dropping Sophia off I hit the shopping centre and for the first time in years it was easy, I was relaxed because I wondered around at my own pace, I wasn’t having to cling onto a toddler and I got to actually look at all the clothes not just zoom round the store before Sophia gets fed up. There was no crying because she wanted to go on the little Peppa Pig ride thing that some evil person dumps in the middle of a shopping centre to torment every parent and as I walked past the Peppa Pig machine I really wanted to stick my tongue out at it and shout “HAHA not today you rip off merchant!”, I didn’t because I would have looked crazy but mentally it was pleasing.

Leaving the house

Sharon before motherhood didn’t give leaving the house a second thought! If I wanted to go out, I got my shoes on, sometimes threw a handbag together and off I popped happy as Larry! The first few times I tried to go out after having Sophia I was fully prepared to become a recluse. It took bloody ages, I would get ready and then Sophia would be hungry, Sophia would vomit on me I would clean us both up and she needed her nappy done and that cycle sometimes just went on & on. I did just say feck it a few times and stayed in. Toddlerhood brings a different cycle. Sophia doesn’t want to wear the shoes I have chosen but doesn’t know where the hell the pink trainers she is screaming for are. She must bring a certain toy, This might be one toy if I’m lucky it tends to be a cat called Meow or it could be a backpack with Meow, Mr Potato Head, Peppa Pig and a tea set. Well on Thursday I decided I needed something from our local store, I slipped on my shoes and was in the car in 30 seconds max. I actually sat in the car in disbelief scratching my head wondering what I had forgotten. It was amazing! It made me smile! I might be crazy!


We all eat, We all need food. I ate food without two little hands reaching onto my plate. I ate food without Sophia telling me she was hungry even though she refused the exact same food she is trying to steal from me just because it wasn’t on my plate. There was also a considerable less amount of dishes and I didn’t need to deep clean because there was no food crushed into the floor. Like I said it’s 10 things I took for granted before I became a mum and this is one of the simplest things we do but I 100% took eating food in peace for granted.


Hello Game Of Thrones and all other programs I can’t watch until Sophia is in bed because they aren’t suitable for her little eyes. I had 24 hours without hearing Peppa Pig snort, Without hearing the Team Umizoomi song and Dora was nowhere to been seen! If this isn’t what dreams are made of I don’t know what is.


I can’t really complain about sleep that much, Sophia has been a great sleeper from when she was a baby. It’s not the lack of sleep that gets me and I feel for every single parent out there going through that. What I miss is wakening up naturally when I want. My morning begins with Sophia shoving the Meow toy I mentioned above in my face whilst meowing loudly in my face. She also quite enjoys forcing my eyelids open with her little fingers. Friday morning all I had to deal with was B’s million alarms going off because one doesn’t quite do the job. As soon as he was up and out the door I rolled into the middle of the bed and star fished. I slept until 11 am and I am not even sorry! I laid in bed checking out Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and waddled down the stairs when I wanted to. No rushing to get breakfast or demands being made. It was lovely and felt like a spa day but much cheaper.


Don’t shout at me! Who the hell cleans when they have a rare child free day? I know, I could have done so many things but the mood struck and it took half the time to clean the house than it usually does. I cleaned and it stayed clean… until Sophia came home but it lasted longer than the 5 seconds it takes for Sophia to pull things out after I have just tucked them away. I had my music on loud and had my own little day time party with the mop as my dancing partner.


I always shower daily, That isn’t something that has changed since I became a mum but on Friday I showered without being shouted on. I didn’t shit myself when I got a scare from opening my eyes and finding Sophia has crept in and is starring at me. How the hell do children do that!? I’m positive children are ninjas or can teleport. I actually left my conditioner in my hair, I wondered around in my towel with not a care in the world. Who would have thought something as routine as showering in peace would be something you took for granted pre family life!

Sitting in silenceĀ 

Life and be so full on and loud as a parent, We usually have something that needs to be done or someone wants something from us. I sat with no TV on, No noise just pure silence and pottered around on my phone. Having the house so quiet today was kind of eerie but also so relaxing. I love my own company so it was a great opportunity to sit in silence and do just that.

One thing I do know is that even though having some me time was brilliant and exactly what I needed with how high my stress levels have been recently I couldn’t wait to have Sophia walk through that front door and give her a big hug and kiss. I did miss having my silly little conversations I have with her. I missed hearing her little giggle when I done something stupid and believe it or not when we go shopping I even ask for her opinion on outfits I try on. It was weird not having to close the stair gate at the top of the stairs and seeing her bedroom door wide open when I went up to bed. Parenthood might be tough, tiring and sometimes drive me bonkers but I do wonder how I survived without my little mini me before. We drive one another crazy but keep each other sane at the same time and that is all part of the fun of being a mum!

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