Back To Reality

Hello readers! I hope you are managing to survive the buzz kill of all months… January. I returned to work on the 8th after two weeks off, I would say lovely weeks off but I was bedded with the flu. My plan of action was to relax, enjoy the festivities and get the house all organised before January but I would say I was robbed of my holidays! Anyway it was finally time to get back to reality.

This week has left me exhausted. I just feel like I haven’t really stopped and I’ve been rushing around like a headless chicken. Sophia went back to nursery for two whole days before getting a tummy bug which is just typical. She was crying asking to come to work with me which broke my heart, they really do know how to tug on those heart strings don’t they!? Although she was in very safe hands with my dad and was full of smiles when I picked her up to head home.

We had a lovely night on Thursday when B’s parents came over for a Chinese. It was his dads birthday on Monday so a bit of a late treat. The food and company was brilliant and we also had a couple games of Mr & Mrs! Seriously, if you haven’t played this game you need to get it. It has to be one of my favourites and is guaranteed to give you a good giggle, even if it is an awkward giggle because the other couple have held of different paddles for who is most likely to leave the lid of the toothpaste off. Really that actually happened on Thursday!

Saturday I decided it was the perfect time to try and clear out & organise Sophias room. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the carnage that unfolded as my day progressed. Going from the positive can do attitude to the being sat surrounded in stuff wondering why I started and in the end being overly proud of myself for managing to clear 5 bags of clothes from her wardrobe, moving I would say 90% of her toys into what little storage Sophia’s bedroom has and also trying to convince Sophia to stop pulling out things she had forgotten had even existed. The next room on my to do list is my bedroom and I can hand on heart say I am DREADING it! One of my aims for this year was to declutter and stop holding onto things that I don’t use and that bring zero value to my life. I keep telling myself that I’ve got this!

The plan for Sunday is that Sophia and I will be heading into town to do some shopping. She has been negotiating the terms of her accompanying me shopping and so far the only conditions are that I get her some bath bombs. At least I have an excuse to pop to Lush now! I’m also wanting to pick up the Neutrogena acne light mask. I noticed it’s on offer at Boots. I’m positive I have mentioned about my nightmare skin and it’s really hating me at the moment. Fingers crossed I can pick one of these light masks up and if I do you can keep a look out for a review where I will go into more detail about it!

Anyway I am finished blabbering on! Make sure if you haven’t already you check out my Instagram and I would LOVE to hear what you have been up to this week!

Sharon x


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